Writer Awards

2022 Writer Awards Winners

Matthew Wallenstein

for the poem
Fire Flies Outside The Garage

Renée K. Nicholson

for the creative nonfiction piece
The Night is Yours Alone

These pieces appear in our 2022 issue of The Nassau Review.

All submissions received during the submission period are considered for the Writer Awards. Every period will offer $250 for prose and $250 for poetry. *pending budget approval

Members of the Nassau Community College community are not eligible to win these awards.

Members of the NCC community include past and current staff, faculty, and administrators as well as current students. Alumni students are eligible. If you have questions about eligibility, email nassaureview@ncc.edu with the email subject line: Contest Eligibility Query

Previous Winners


Poetry: Hibah Shabkhez for “Cloud Dragons"
Prose: Meg Mahoney for “A Man of Morocco


Poetry: Federico Federici for “The Waste Wall” & “November, 1961
Prose: Paul Luikart for “Barclay Station


Poetry: Denise Sedman for poem "Channeling Bo Carter"
Prose: Toti O'Brien for the short story "Nicotine"


Poetry: Brent Fisk for poem "Black Beauty"
Prose: Allison Sobczak for the short story "Set the World on Fire"


Poetry: Saima Afreen for the poem “You Who Always Eluded Me
Prose: Laura Bernstein-Machlay for the creative non-fiction piece “Cheaters


Poetry: Elizabeth Aoki for the poem “Automata Factory
Prose: Liz Dolan for the short story “Love Him To Death


Poetry: L. N. Malnack, "The Inertia of a Body Depends Upon Its Energy Content," poem
Prose: Karen Weyant, "Compromising Chiroptophobia, or Why I'm Giving Up and Learning to Love the Bat," creative non-fiction


Poetry: Jennifer Woodworth,Crows Over Wheatfield,” poem
Prose: Wayne Sheer,The Love Song of Langley Moran,” short story


Poetry: JodiAnn Stevenson, “A Thousand Birds,” prose poem
Prose: Dan Berkowitz, “Sourpuss,” flash fiction


(appear in the 2012 issue)
Poetry: Katie Manning, “Sleeping Beauty’s Mother,” narrative poem
Prose: Liz Dolan, “What's Like What, ” creative non-fiction

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