Submission Guidelines

Read this quick interview by Jim Harrington on Six Questions For… with our Editor in Chief Christina M. Rau for more about what we accept for publication.

Submit your work between September 1 and December 5 using our Submittable.

ALL work submitted during this period will be under consideration for the Doyle Awards. You do not have to send any separate submissions for the contest.

Please do NOT submit any work via email or snail mail. All hard copy submissions will be recycled without being reviewed.

Open submission THEME: 2023 - 2024

I’ve Got A Secret: 

Starting in the 1950s, the game show I've Got A Secret aired on television and has returned in new ways over the years; three to four celebrity panelists ask contestants Yes or No questions to figure out the contestants' secrets, which ranged from hidden talents, huge accomplishments, and intriguing quirks. We don't need to be on game shows to have secrets, however, and secrets needn't be earth-shattering. Or maybe they do. Or maybe they seem to be a much bigger deal to the holder than they would be to the rest of the world. Send us your secrets or the aftermath of revealing them. Define and redefine what a secret is or can be. 

We welcome submissions of many genres, preferring work that is innovative, captivating, well-crafted, and unique, work that is traditional as well as pieces that cross boundaries of genre and tradition. New writers and seasoned writers are both welcome. All work must be in English.

General Guidelines (NCC employees please scroll down to Voices of NCC at the very bottom of this page)

Please submit only once to one genre per submission period. 

In the Bio box on Submittable, please include: 

  • a bio of no more than 100 words (include a max of 3 publications)
  • a note about your byline if different from how it appears in Submittable
  • if prose, word count.


  • One to three (1-3) pieces of flash fiction up to 100 words (pieces should be connected in some way) OR one short story up to 3000 words
  • Double space
  • Include word count at the end of your bio 
  • file name LastNameProseTitle [CheeverTheSwimmer]

Creative Nonfiction / Personal Essay:

  • One piece of 3000 words max
  • Double space
  • No critical analysis
  • file name LastNameProseTitle [ChristmanTheSloth] 


  • One to three (1—3) pieces with a 50 line maximum, single space
  • Acceptable Categories: form, prose poems, free verse, lists, song lyrics, writing that doesn’t quite fit any genre but you know it’s something
  • Include all your poems in ONE file with page breaks between each.
  • In the Title Line, you may list all poem titles (That Time Of Year; Passionate Shepherd; Fatherhood) -OR- the number of poems (i.e. Three Poems).
  • To withdraw only one from the batch, use Notes. *To withdraw all poems, use Withdraw.
  • file name LastName [number of] POEMS. [AngelouThreePoems] 

We do not consider:

  • Children’s literature
  • Clearly and explicitly prejudiced, violent, or discriminatory material that has the sole purpose of being prejudiced, violent, and discriminatory
  • Obscene work that has the sole purpose of being obscene
  • Business, scientific, or other noncreative writing
  • Previously published work anywhere online or in hard copy


  • One to three (1—3) pieces
  • Acceptable Categories: drawings, photographs, diagrams
  • All interior artwork will appear in black and white
  • Cover art may be in black and white or color
  • You may upload up to three files in one submission
  • JPEG- LastNameTitle  [AdamsSilence] 

Critical Prose:

By solicitation only

For all submissions:

  • Simultaneous submissions to other journals and magazines are fine. Please let us know they are simsubs when you submit. Please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere. **Use WITHDRAW for Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Artwork. Use the NOTEs to withdraw one poem from the batch.
  • Editors may respond with a conditional acceptance, delineating minor edits. As the author, you reserve the right to withdraw should you not agree with the feedback.

Publication Rights: By submitting your work, you agree to have your work published in one issue of The Nassau Review as well as possibly on our website. You grant us first North American serial rights and the right to archive your work online for an indefinite period of time. You retain all other rights, which means you can republish the work in other journals (after one year from the date of publication in our journal), and you can republish it in or as your own book. Any subsequent publication of accepted work should note that you were first published in The Nassau Review.

The Nassau Review pays its contributors with hard copies of the review. The journal is available only in print and cannot be purchased.

Voices of Nassau:

  • NCC Employees may submit any genre to this category. Include in your cover letter how you belong to the NCC Community.
  • **Current Students should submit to the Creative Writing Club’s journal, Luna.
  • Alumni should submit under the general categories, but please tell us when you attended NCC.

Voices of Nassau are not eligible for cash awards.

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