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Language Center

Phone: 516.572.7062
Location: Building F, Rm 309

NCC's Language Center English Language Skills classes are specifically designed for non-Native English speakers. New English Language students or students who have not attended our English classes for 1 year or more should make an appointment so we can assess your skills and place you into the correct class level. English Language classes are designed to meet different student needs. The core curriculum includes: English Language Skills, levels 1-5. In addition to our core classes, English language students may take elective classes like Pronunciation Skills, Grammar or Conversation Skills.

New students should take the LC Assessment test.

The Language Center is proud to offer a variety of foreign languages for study as well as American Sign Language. Foreign Language courses are taught to groups at different levels of mastery, guiding students in speaking, reading, writing, and listening to the language as well as in developing a familiarity with important customs, cultures, and traditions of the countries in which the languages are spoken.


We currently accept registrations by completing our online application.


Download, print, and fax a copy of our Registration Form to 516.828.3507.


Select the online Registration Form, complete all questions, including email address and birth date, and submit.


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