Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology

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Phone: 516.572.7383
Location: Cluster B - 3028
Chairperson:  Stuart Kaplan

The purpose of the mathematics curriculum is essentially twofold. Provide a necessary aspect of a liberal arts education and to supply the necessary mathematics requirements for continued study in a baccalaureate program and career demands in such fields as science, computer science, engineering, economics, accounting, the behavioral sciences and the professions.

Our computer science (CS) curriculum prepares majors for further study in baccalaureate and graduate CS programs and provides general education courses for non-majors. The A.A.S in Information Technology (IT) provides students with skills that will be immediately useful in today's information economy, including relational database management and Web programming. CMP courses, taken for general elective credit, provide students with the computer skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly technological world. Facilities on campus include the Computer Learning Center (B 225), the Math Center (B 130) and the Math Anxiety Center (B126).

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Lab/Help Centers

The department Lab/Help Centers are resources that provide the students with reinforcement and tutorial services.

The facilities and contact information is as follows:

Math Center – B-130: 516.572.7394
Computer Learning Center – B-227: 516.572.7379
Computer Learning Center – B-225: 516.572.7379

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