Suggestions For Student Success

  • You share responsibility along with your professors for your education.
  • Attend all of your classes.
  • Respect is essential. Behave courteously and respectfully toward your professors and your classmates.
  • Come to class fully prepared and ready to participate.
  • Take a front seat if possible. Don't slouch in a back seat in the classroom; by that act, you will listen half-heartedly.
  • Get ready to listen as soon as the instructor enters the room. Important information is usually given at the beginning and at the end of class.
  • Check your tendency to mind wander. Mind wandering can be put in check by taking notes; writing is one of the best ways to train yourself to listen.
  • Listen critically for key words specific to your subject which you have never heard before.
  • Remember there is no such thing as a stupid question.
  • Avoid disruptions: avoid eating, talking, leaving and re- entering the room, arriving late. Turn off cell phones and beepers.
  • You are responsible for all that transpires in class whether or not you are in attendance.
  • If you must be absent from class for a period of a week or longer, inform your instructors as soon as possible.
  • Allocate adequate study time. Create a weekly schedule and study every day. Read your textbook!
  • Use all resources available: study groups, help labs*, the library, Web sites, study skills seminars.
  • Have a winning attitude!

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