1. Ocular knob
  2. Body Tube
  3. Arm
  4. Mechanical stage knob
  5. Coarse adjustment knob
  6. Fine adjustment knob
  7. Base    
  8. Substage lamp
  9. Diaphragm
  10. Condenser
  11. Stage clip of mechanical stage
  12. Stage
  13. Objectives
  14. Revolving nosepiece
  15. Nosepiece

Quick and Easy Steps for Use of the Microscope

  1. Carry the scope with both hands, one on the arm, one on the base.
  2. Using the Coarse Adjustment Knob (CA knob) , move the stage all the way down. (This prevents damage to the objectives.)
  3. Using lens paper ONLY, clean all pieces of glass: the oculars, objectives, condenser lens, and light source.
  4. Using the condenser knob, move the condenser lens upward until it is almost flush ( at the same level) with the stage.
  5. NOW plug in your scope and turn on the light switch.
  6. Using the diaphragm lever or diaphragm dial (located under the stage), open the diaphragm.
  7. Using the rotating nosepiece, move the 4X objective into place.
  8. Place the microscope slide FLAT on the stage.
  9. Holding the mechanical stage clip open, SLIDE the microscope slide into the mechanical stage holder.
  10. Looking directly at the stage (DO NOT look through the oculars!), center the specimen or cover slip directly over the brightly-lit condenser lens. Use your mechanical stage knobs to do this.
  11. Using the CA knob, move the stage all the way up until it comes to the Automatic Stop. (Only the 4X lens has this Auto Stop.)
  12. NOW (But not before now), look in the oculars.
  13. SLOWLY move the CA knob downward until you come into focus.  (Congratulations!)
  14. Once you are in focus on 4X, YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY IN FOCUS ON ALL OTHER POWERS! (This is called Parfocalization.)
  15. DO NOT touch the CA knob anymore, or you will lose your focus. Simply dial-in any objective you wish.
  16. If you need to re-focus, use ONLY the Fine Adjustment Knob.
  17. At higher powers, your specimen may be larger than your field of view. You may have to "hunt" for it using your mechanical stage knobs.
  18. To use the oil immersion power, you MUST put ONE drop of oil on the slide. Dial "in-between" any two objectives to do this.


  1. BEFORE you remove any slide, always return to 4X power.
  2. Clean any oil off the slide and return it to its proper tray.
  3. Clean any oil off the objectives. Use only lens paper.
  4. Turn off the light switch; unplug the cord; WRAP the cord around the scope.
  5. Store the microscope on 4X power ONLY.

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