Licensure and Employment In New York State

To be employed in New York State (NYS) as a Radiologic Technologist, upon graduation from the Radiologic Technology Program, student-graduates must be licensed and registered to practice by the New York State Department of Health.

When determining eligibility for the ARRT examination, the ARRT requires the applicant to be of good moral character. The ARRT establishes a guideline for this criterion in the Standard of Ethics.

Any violation of the standards, either past or present, must be reviewed in order to determine if the inappropriate activity is indicative of the character of the applicant and may be a predictor of future behavior. A conviction of a felony or a misdemeanor is considered to be a violation of the Standard of Ethics.

A violation must be cleared before a student can be assigned to take the ARRT examination. The ARRT encourages early review so that there is no delay at the time of graduation.

An individual who has been involved in a criminal proceeding or who has been charged with or convicted of a crime, or entered a plea in abeyance may file a pre-application with the ARRT in order to obtain a ruling on the impact of the situation on their eligibility for certification and registration. A charge or conviction of, a plea of guilty to, or a plea of nolo contendere (no contest) to an offense, which is classified as a misdemeanor or felony, constitutes a conviction for ARRT purposes. For more information, download and review the information packet and/or consult the frequently asked questions.

In order to obtain a NYS Department of Health license in Radiologic Technology applicants must be of “good moral character”, as determined under the NYS Education Law. Applicants for NYS licensure must reveal whether they have a criminal record (felony or misdemeanor), whether any criminal charges are pending against them, whether any licensing or disciplinary authority has ever taken negative action against them, whether any hospital or licensed facility ever restricted or terminated professional training, employment, or privileges, and whether the applicant ever voluntarily or involuntarily resigned or withdrew from such association to avoid imposition of such measures.  In addition, every New State applicant for a professional license, permit, or registration, or any renewal thereof, must file a written statement that, as of the date of filing, she or he is, or is not, under an obligation to pay child support. Individuals who are four or more months in arrears in child support may be subject to suspension of their business, professional and or driver’s licenses.

Federal law limits the issuance of professional licenses, registration and limited permits to United States citizens, or qualified aliens. Accordingly, the New York State Department of Health, and the American Registry of Radiologic  Technologists applicants are required to provide appropriate documentation indicating citizenship or alien status.

* Please note each state Licensure and Certification eligibility requirements may differ.

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