Medical Laboratory Technician Job Description

Medical laboratory technicians work in hospital and private laboratories (clinical or research) or physician office labs. At career entry, the MLT will be able to perform routine clinical laboratory tests done in hematology, chemistry, immunohematology, microbiology, immunology and coagulation. He/she will have gained basic laboratory skills required for entry-level positions in these and other emerging laboratory fields, such as molecular diagnostics. The responsibilities of the MLT include:

  • Decisions concerning sample collection and handling
  • Daily instrument maintenance and quality control
  • Sample testing
  • Collection and interpretation of data
  • Maintenance of accurate records and reporting of data
  • Knowledge of critical values

The level of analyses performed may range from point of care testing to complex testing, involving all major areas of the clinical laboratory. The MLT will have diverse functions in areas of pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical processes. In addition, the MLT will have responsibilities related to information processing, training and quality control within the laboratory.

The ability to relate to people, a capacity for calm and reasoned judgment, and a demonstration of commitment to the patient are essential qualities. Communication skills are necessary for consultative interaction with other members of the health care team, technical service matters and patient education. Laboratory professionals should demonstrate ethical and moral attitudes that are necessary for maintaining the confidentiality of patient information and gaining the confidence of patients, professional associates and the community.

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