Admission Information & Requirements

All Applicants

  • 10 hours or more of volunteer or paid experience in a physical therapy setting; written proof from a PT or PTA on facility letterhead must be submitted with the application
  • Interview


  • Grades of 75 or above in high school biology (living environment), chemistry and two years of college preparatory math. Regents’ courses are recommended

Students Currently Attending NCC

  • Grade of "C+" or better on AHS 131 Anatomy and Physiology I and enrolled in AHS 132
  • Completion of at least 12 liberal arts credits with a GPA of 2.5 or above. If chemistry was not completed in high school, a semester of introductory college chemistry is required and may be counted as part of the 12 liberal arts credits.


  • Requirements are the same as those for students currently attending NCC.

  • All materials for an application must be submitted by the last Thursday of February to be considered.  
  • For students who will be first entering the college, or students who attended and are not currently in attendance, apply through the Admissions website, using the application for Degree-Seeking students.
  • For students who have attended as non-degree seeking or visiting students, apply through the Admissiosn website, using the application for Returning students.
  • For students currently attending NCC in another program of study, a request to transfer into the Physical Therapist Assistant Program should be made by using the in-house transfer form.

  1. All remedial courses as determined by the NCC placement exam given through the College Admissions Office must be completed prior to beginning the Program. Placement into remedial course(s) removes applicant for current Program entry.
  2. Admission is open to all high school graduates.
  3. In the event a student does not meet the day entrance requirements for the PTA Program and wishes to take prerequisite courses to become eligible to apply, the student may enroll in the Liberal Arts program (LAA-AA), before being considered for admission to the PTA program, the student must complete entrance requirements described previously. Admission is competitive. 
  4. To be employed in New York State, all graduate physical therapist assistants must pass a licensing examination and be certified by the state. You should be aware that upon successful completion of the program, when you apply for certification as a PTA, you will be required to show evidence of your current name and any previous names you have used, any criminal records and your citizenship or legal status in the United States.
  5. Students accepted into the PTA Program must successfully complete AHS 131 (Anatomy and Physiology I) and a humanities elective prior to attendance in the fall.
  6. All students must fulfill clinical requirements as stipulated by the Director of Clinical Education.  Clinical sessions are held off campus at affiliating institutions. Half-day clinical sessions occur during the spring semester of the first year. Full-day clinical sessions occur during the fall semester of the second year. Full time clinical sessions occur during the spring semester of the second year and extend beyond the end of the semester. Prospective students are reminded that they must be available to attend all required clinical sessions, and that they must provide their own transportation to and from clinical rotations.
  7. To ensure a realistic understanding of what the profession entails, candidates must visit and observe a physical therapy department or clinic for a minimum of 10 hours. A PT department in any hospital, nursing home or pediatric center may be used as well as a PT private practice. Written proof of 10 hours volunteer or paid work experience is submitted with the application. Work experience as a Physical Therapy Aide is accepted as observation experience. More than one setting can be documented. 
  8. All individuals admitted to the Program must be capable of meeting the Program’s published Technical Standards
  9. An interview with a member of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program Admissions Committee may be scheduled during the spring semester for eligible candidates.
  10. New students are as daytime students only, in the fall semester of each year. The Physical Therapist Assistant Program is not offered in the evening
  11. Students in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average. In addition, they must receive a grade of "C" or better in all core courses and in each individual segment of the Program (i.e., lecture, laboratory, and clinical).

Further Information: The Physical Therapist Assistant Program Student Handbook is available for review for current and potential students. For details, call 516.572.9640 ext 26584. 

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