Writing Center

The Writing Center is open to students of all levels interested in improving their writing in any discipline. Faculty offer individualized and group instruction in expository and creative writing, research and documentation, as well as grammar and usage. ESL students receive assistance in language development and learning. BEP students are encouraged to seek assistance from their specially-trained faculty in the BEP Reading/Writing Help Center in Building V, Room 110.

In addition to the traditional tutorial session, sessions can also take place online by e-mail. Students are also welcome to use the Department's PC lab for word processing and Internet research when classes are not utilizing the space. Weekly appointments and unscheduled drop-in sessions are available.

 Tutoring is only available via Zoom or E-tutoring!
Tutoring begins on Monday, June 1st  and continues through Thursday, June 25th.

  1. Because of the current closure of campus, e-tutoring appointments will be by email tutoring. These appointments are asynchronous, not remotely conducted by Zoom, so you do not need to be available at your computer at the time of the appointment.

    All e-tutoring submissions must be sent through the intake form on our web page.

    To schedule synchronous Zoom remote tutoring appointments, please call the Writing Center at 516.572.7195 9am - 4pm, Monday - Thursday, beginning June 1st

  2. You can work with a writing consultant for one scheduled appointment each week.
  3. After your initial appointment, you may schedule appointments for up to two weeks in advance. If you make appointments in advance, you can extend them each week for an additional week. This way you can work consistently with the same tutor if you so desire. Be sure to check your future appointments at the front desk at the end of each appointment.
  4. Drop-in sessions are also possible if you don't have a scheduled appointment, as long as a tutor is available. Drop-in sessions work on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, you may take advantage of our e-mail tutoring.
  5. Cancellation Policy: If you can't keep an appointment, you must stop in or call to cancel. If you miss two appointments without canceling, you will not be permitted to make any more appointments for the remainder of the semester. You will be able to use the Center only on a drop-in basis.
  6. If you have any concerns, talk with your tutor first, then with full-time faculty if necessary.


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