Job Search Process

A successful job search involves careful analysis and planning, setting appropriate goals and taking action.

The six steps to a successful job search are:

  1. Examine your skills, interests, values, personality type, preferred work environments, short-term and long-term career goals. 
  2. Conduct research in your prospective career. Identify positions, companies and industries that are compatible with your self-assessment profile. Learn what the job market outlook is in these areas, as well as the salaries, job descriptions and job requirements. Talk to people who are in these fields. 

    Utilize the Career Counseling and Testing Center (M-14) and its resources for help with steps one and two.
  3. Prepare a resume. (The goal of preparing a resume is to get an interview.) A counselor from the SPD Employer Services Office can help you with this. Appointments are recommended. Resume guidebooks are available in the office.
  4. Begin your job search campaign. A cover letter will need to be developed for every position to which you apply. Utilize a variety of job search methods including: classified ads, contacting employers directly, the SPD Employer Services Office’s programs, networking (through professional organizations, family, friends and faculty), temporary or permanent staffing firms, on-line employment websites, company home pages and career fairs. Resource Links
  5. Practice interviewing and then begin to interview for positions. The SPD Employer Services Office can help to prepare you for interviewing by providing you with sample questions and videotaped mock interviews. We also send you out on interviews.
  6. Follow-up. A follow-up thank-you letter should be sent within a few days of having an interview. Follow-up inquiries about your candidacy are appropriate, unless the employer states that they will get back to you. 

    Keep track of all of your job search activities. Contact information for every job that you applied to should be kept, as well as copies of ads, cover letters and thank-you letters.

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