Road Trip Nation Interview Archive

About Roadtrip Nation and the Archive

The Road Trip Nation story begins with recent college grads Nate, Mike, and Brian who weren't sure about what they wanted to do with their lives after graduation. So they went on a road trip to learn the stories of career professionals who built their lives around their passions. These interviews/conversations generated such powerful insights that the original roadtrippers decided to start Roadtrip Nation as a platform to share stories of people who have defined their own roads in life.

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The Roadtrip Archive

The Roadtrip Archive is a collection of all the stories Roadtrip Nation has gathered on the road over the years.  It contains the stories of people who have pushed through roadblocks to create livelihoods around their interests and talents from CEO's of big companies to costume designers, magazine writers, biologists, chocolatiers, and beyond. Viewing the interviews will enable you to come away with a broader perspective of the world and view of your own career future.

How To Access The Roadtrip Archive

To access the archive, contact Career and Transfer Counseling by stopping by Nassau Hall, room 19, call us at 516.572.7696 or email Professor Laura Smith at Once you provide us with your NCC ID (N#), you will be emailed the access subscription code with detailed instructions on how to set up your personal account.

You can choose how you want to use the archive. You can explore the archive by searching through the listing of leaders, interest areas, and/or themes.

Enjoy the "open road" and using the archive and remember it's up to you to define your own road in life!

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