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Guidelines for Using Employment Websites

Any website ending in .com is a commercial website. These are businesses that exist to make money by selling their products or services to those visiting the site. Therefore, you must use extreme caution when exploring any .com website.

Stay on track and don't respond to advertising messages.

Job candidates do not have to pay to access jobs or to obtain job search or job market information online.

  • Look for the name of the author, publisher, and/or sponsor of career information to assess its validity.
  • Check for recent posting dates of job openings and recent publishing dates of career articles.
  • If you do register at a job site, make sure that you read the privacy policy.
  • Check that the website provides options for limiting your contact information.
  • Further information on using employment websites.

Disclaimer: The following websites are provided to assist you with your job search or career exploration. Student Professional Development and Employer Services does not necessarily endorse these sites.

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