Career Counseling

Career Counseling offers the following services:

Individual Career Counseling

Counseling may involve the exploration and analysis of a student’s interests, skills, values and personality characteristics. Assistance is given in setting appropriate short and long term career goals.

Group Counseling Sessions

Students are invited to sign up for special group counseling programs such as "Career Planning for the First Year Student," "What's Your Type?  Personality and Career Choice," and "Major Choices: Connecting Majors to Careers," scheduled throughout the academic year.

Free Vocational Testing and Interpretation

There are no magic answers to be found in career inventories and tests but if you are having difficulty determining your interests, values and skills and how these may relate to specific career possibilities, you may find some of the following career assessment tools available helpful.

  • The Strong Interest Inventory
    One of the most widely used interest inventories today, the results of the Strong enables a person to compare his/her interests to the interests of people who are happy and successful in over 100 specific occupations.
  • The Self-Directed Search
    This inventory developed by John Holland measures which of Holland’s six occupational categories a person prefers. The results of the inventory provide a rank order of choices for three of the six categories. Complemented by the Occupations Finder, a reference booklet of hundreds of occupations that are organized according to Holland’s six categories, an individual is presented with a variety of career alternatives to explore.
  • The Career Decision-Making System
    This comprehensive vocational instrument surveys interests, values, training plans and abilities. It also incorporates career information and presents a model for career decision-making.
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    This personality based test may be used to help individuals find fulfilling work which is compatible to their personality type.
  • Focus2
    This interactive career guidance program helps an individual to assess his/her skills, interests and values. Based on one’s response pattern, career alternatives are suggested. This program also provides detailed information about careers and educational institutions.

Career Resources

Includes Focus2, the computer-assisted career decision-making system, as well as Candid Career videos on career professionals' stories, as well as interviewing, resume writing, networking and many more topics to help you explore careers and land that job!

Special Events and Programs

Throughout the academic year special career programs and events are scheduled. See our calendar of events for specific program listings for the fall and spring semesters. Events and Programs

Services for Faculty

Classroom Presentations/Career Counseling Visits–Faculty may arrange class visits to Career Counseling offices or may request classroom workshops on the following topics: career exploration, career planning and assessment, personality type and career, values clarification, researching careers and Focus2 demonstrations.

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