Career Resource Network

What is the Career Resource Network?

The NCC Career Resource Network is comprised of NCC alumni, faculty and other professionals representing a variety of career fields. These individuals are available to share their experiences with students and answer questions about  their careers.

If you are an NCC Alumni, NCC Faculty Member or Career Professional and would like to learn more about the Network or would like to become an NCC Career Resource Network Member.

What are the Benefits of Utilizing the Network?

Networking is the most successful job search strategy. As a student, connecting with a Career Resource Network member enables one to explore career fields and build a network of professional contacts. One also learns how to gain confidence when interviewing. As a network member, one has an opportunity to help students obtain information and develop a realistic picture about a desired career field.

How Do Students and Network Members Connect?

If you are a student

Visit Career Counseling, located in Nassau Hall, room 19 and ask for the directory of Career Resource Network members. The directory contains a current list of network members, organized by career fields, including the network members' contact information. You are welcome to meet with a counselor to obtain additional information, suggestions about whom to interview and to discuss and practice how to conduct an information interview.

If you are a Network Member

you will be contacted either by the student or faculty members of the Career Counseling Office. Network members are encouraged to share information about their careers, offer suggestions, and make recommendations to students for further exploration.

Helpful Information for Students Using the Network

Remember that when you are using the network, you are engaging in an informational interview. As the student, you are the interviewer. You can ask questions that will help you develop a more realistic view of a selected career field, obtain additional resources and expand your professional network.

Some Suggested Questions to Ask During Your Informational Interview

  • How did you become interested in your work?
  • Can you describe your major duties and job responsibilities?
  • What kind of training, skills and education are necessary to enter this field?
  • What things do you really like/dislike about your work?
  • What are the typical starting salaries and what could one expect wo make with more experience?
  • What is the  job outlook in this field?
  • What professional development activities should I engage in to learn more about this field?

Additional Suggestions to Maximize Your Informational Interview and Networking Experience

Remember to ask the Career Resource Network member for their advice and for additional contacts or resources available that may benefit you.

  • Keep a journal or take notes for future reference.
  • Remember to pick up a business card from the network member.
  • Remember to always either write or e-mail a note of thanks to the network member.
  • Make an appointment with a career counselor to discuss your experience and to plan out your next steps.

Remember who you know is as important as what you know.

Additional information about how to conduct an information interview is available at Career Counseling, in Nassau Hall (M), Room 19. Check out the Career Counseling events, for the next networking workshop and  plan to join us!

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