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 …that NCC offers courses in computer illustration, web page formatting, digital imaging, entrepreneurship, textiles, advertising art, public relations, graphic design, investments, dietary management, medical coding, event planning, advertising, international business, money and  banking, sports marketing, fashion design, and food preparation?

…that NCC sponsors two student publications—the Vignette (newspaper) and Luna (literary magazine)?

…that NCC offers courses in acting, sculpture, photojournalism, jazz, chorus, modern dance, guitar, mass media, radio and television production, public speaking, computer animation, stagecraft, video production, and film appreciation?

…that NCC students can participate in racquetball, volleyball, basketball, handball, soccer, dodgeball, flag football, and other activities through the campus intramural program?

…that NCC offers courses in eleven foreign languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish?

…that NCC’s radio station, WHPC (90.3 FM), offers students opportunities to gain experience in broadcasting?

…that NCC offers degree programs in Accounting, Marketing, Administrative Business Technology, Business Administration, Information Technology,  Fashion Buying, Media, Civil Engineering Technology, Interior Design, Surgical Technology, Nursing, Radiation Therapy, Respiratory Care, Criminal Justice, Paralegal Studies, Mortuary Science, Computer Science, Photography, Fire Science, Computer Repair Technology, Digital Technologies, Hotel Technology Administration, Electrical Engineering Technology, Performing Arts, and Restaurant Management?

…that NCC offers workshops in study skills, test taking strategies, time management, academic planning, relaxation techniques, career exploration, resume writing, and interviewing skills?

…that NCC sponsors more than one hundred student clubs and organizations?

...that NCC provides wireless Internet access in most campus buildings?

…that NCC’s art gallery displays the work of campus and off-campus artists?

...that NCC offers more than thirty courses in mathematics and computer science/technology?

...that NCC's Veterans' Resource Facility provides academic advisement, information about educational benefits, and other support to the College's student veteran population?

…that NCC students can obtain internships with local businesses, media, and social service agencies through the campus Student Professional Development/Employer Services Office?

…that NCC offers more than thirty courses in literature and forty courses in history, political science, and geography?

…that NCC’s library has a large collection of DVDs, CDs, videos, and other non-print materials available for student use?

…that NCC offers online courses, credit-bearing internships, and international study opportunities?

…that NCC sponsors lectures on current issues by prominent authors, artists, government officials, scientists, business leaders, and social and political activists?

…that NCC offers courses in journalism, autobiographical writing, creative writing, science writing, business writing, technical writing, song writing, and screenwriting?

…that NCC offers students opportunities to sponsor rock concerts, act in theatre productions, produce fashion shows, and perform in choral and dance recitals?

…that NCC offers courses in first aid, CPR, water safety, and life guarding?

…that the Children’s Greenhouse, the campus childcare center, serves young children of NCC students?

…that NCC offers courses in meteorology, marine science, consumer chemistry, nutrition, geology, astronomy, environmental science, electronics, biochemistry, anatomy, physics, genetics, animal ecology, zoology, engineering science, oceanography, and multidisciplinary science?

…that NCC's Honors Program offers enriched courses in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and other academic areas?

...that NCC has a flow arts club, an outing club, and a concrete canoe club?

…that NCC’s Center for Students with Disabilities provides counseling, tutoring, and other assistance to students with physical, psychological, and learning disabilities?

…that NCC offers courses in Africana Studies, Latin American Studies, Women's Studies, Gender Studies, Human Rights Studies, Jewish Studies, and Global Studies?

…that NCC’s Adult Resource Center provides academic advisement, counseling, and other support services to the College’s mature student (25+) population?

…that NCC offers a variety of tutoring services and help centers for students in need of individual assistance with courses?

…that NCC’s Women's Resource Center offers programs on body image, healthy relationships, sexual health, and other issues of concern to women?

…that NCC offers courses in criminal law, family law, and business law?

…that NCC offers courses in Human Services, Teacher Education, Disabilities Studies, and Alcohol/Addiction Studies?

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