Student Activities Publicity Policy

July 9, 2009

Publicity services and mimeographing services are available in the Student Activities Office. See the section headed “Services and Facilities” for more information.

Policy Affecting the Use of Publicity

Several principles must enter into any consideration of policy concerning publicity at Nassau Community College

  1. These include the following:
  2. The encouragement of student creativity.
  3. The appearance of the campus.
  4. The protection of campus property from exploitation by unauthorized commercial or pressure groups.
  5. The maintenance of the free expression of ideas.
  6. Student Government Association, Faculty Student Association, and Nassau Community College will not restrict distribution, posting, or exhibiting of non-commercial literature based on its content unless its distribution violates state or federal law or constitutes a violation of NCC policy.  
  7. Persons taking offense to the language or nature of any poster of flyer are encouraged to contact the sponsoring clubs, organization or individual.  Nassau Community College, Faculty Student Association, and the Student Government Association do not accept responsibility for nor endorse the content of the posters/flyers which are posted by various Campus groups.

The Following Regulation are established with the above principles in mind:

  1. All publicity must bear the name of the sponsoring student club or organization. Individual Nassau Community College students may hang flyers expressing their own points of view for non-commercial purposes, but must comply with these publicity rules.
  2. All posters, flyers, and other advertising activities of student groups must be approved in the Student Government Office before being distributed on campus.
  3. Materials which are not approved will be taken down and violators may be deprived of  publicity right on campus for the remainder of the semester.The use of the name of the College off- campus, by an individual or groups, is  prohibited unless the program being publicized is a registered Nassau Community College activity, and that the intention to advertise off- campus has been clearly stated on the Activity Registration form.
  4. Individuals or student groups distributing or stacking publicity material are responsible for maintaining the neatness of the area.
  5. Bulletin boards may be reserved for use by Student Activities (clubs, organizations, etc.), academic departments, and administrative areas.
  6. Posters may be hung on bulletin boards, and on unpainted concrete walls  and columns. Posting in other locations, including chalk boards, lampposts, on most glass surfaces, in stairwells, in elevators, on painted walls or on trees is prohibited. Hanging materials shall be non-destructive of paint and wall finishes, and must be removable.  Fun tack is recommended.  Tacks, masking tape and staples can be used in certain areas.  Paste, glue, nails, and duct tape cannot be used to hang posters anywhere on campus.
  7. Flyers and cards cannot have UV (glossy) coating.  Stickers cannot be posted on campus.
  8. 8 ½ x 11 directional signs can be hung on glass doors on the day of an event and must be removed immediately following the conclusion of the event.
  9. In order to allow space for all groups to advertise their events, no more than one of the same flyer or poster can be hung on a bulletin board or location. Posters should not cover or obstruct other flyers or posters. Posters on indoor bulletin boards shall not exceed 11” x 17” in size, and on outdoor locations 22” x 24”.
  10. Posters, etc. must be removed by the sponsoring group from around campus within two days following the event.
  11. Flyers may be handed to individuals, but be sure to observe the law on littering. They may not be placed on car windshields because this violates state law.
  12. Banners may be hung on campus on a temporary basis subject to administrative approval.
  13. The Office of Student Activities will maintain posting locations on a weekly basis.
  14. PUBLICITY FROM OUTSIDE SOURCES:Soliciting by off- campus groups is not permitted.
  15. ELECTION CAMPAIGN ADVERTISING: All advertising must follow the procedures designated herein and by the organization in charge of the election.
  16. PORTABLE SOUND EQUIPMENT (COLLEGE OWNED OR PERSONAL):This equipment may only be used during the Club Hours (Tuesday and Thursday, 11:30 AM- 12:45 PM) and during the scheduled Evening Activity Hours.  This is to ensure that instruction will not be disrupted.
  17. COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTED TO MASS MEDIA OUTSIDE THE COLLEGE: Student organizations wishing to send communications or publicity to mass media outside the campus community must submit the communications to the Office of Student Activities. Communications going outside the campus may NOT be sent WITHOUT this approval.

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