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Photo of NCC Students in a Dance Concert

The Dance Associates of Arts degree students as an effective mechanism for taking education beyond the walls of a classroom. Students are encouraged to participate in NCC’s Dance Concert. Opportunities to feature their own choreography and showcase their technical training are available throughout the semester.

Comprehensive training for movement for musical theatre with emphasis in modern jazz and tap and the use of improvisation to introduce and develop elements of dance composition. Solo and group study explore the factors of space, rhythm and dynamics. The Department is committed to academic excellence, offering undergraduate courses of study that will prepare students for transfer to four-year Baccalaureate or conservatory programs. Our classes feature a low student-to-faculty ratio, which allows for more personal attention in the classroom.

In addition to Liberal Arts requirements, Dance degree students must successfully complete the Dance sequence: Dance History, Dance Technique I-IV (Modern Dance/Ballet), Dance Concepts I-II (Choreography), a Modern Dance sequence consisting of Introduction to Modern Dance, and Modern Dance I-II, and a four-course sequence in Rehearsal & Performance. 

Students on stage performing
Students on stage performing
Students on stage performing
Students on stage performing

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