exclamation IconNCC Next - Spring 2021 Semester

NCC Next

Art Forum Program

Richard Pasqua, Creative Director - NYC

Thursday, April 30th
11:30am - 12:30pm
Location: Zoom Video Meeting

Talk Outline

  • Background: High level career overview, personal creative interests
  • Case Studies: 3-4 work examples and discuss
  • Additional Topics: 3D and motion graphics, motion design & animation
  • Q&A: 20 mins
 Richard Pasqua April 30, 2020

Creative Director in the field of design, Richard Pasqua will lecture and give a visual presentation. As a digital design leader for over fifteen years Richard Pasqua has been responsible for creating many award winning interactive experiences for clients such as: Hyperloop TT, Coach inc, American Express, Bloomberg, SAP, Altoids, Mattel, CBS News & Entertainment, and Hugo Boss. Mr. Pasqua has led creative development for agencies such as Siegel+Gale, Future Brand, RedSky, Sequel Studio, and Agency.com and is an active speaker and judge at design events and conferences. His work has been recognized and honored by numerous design organizations, and has received multimedia and broadcast awards from around the world. Mr. Pasqua has also worked as the Creative Director and product lead for such notable companies as Nickelodeon, Newsweek Media Group and Cylndr.

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