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Health Form and Clearance Requirements


NY State Department of Health requires students taking six or more credits who are born after 1956 to show proof of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella. In addition, students taking six or more credits are required to complete the mandatory meningitis survey which is available online in the student portal or through the Student Health Office.

Immunization MMR/Meningitis Form


First year Mortuary Science Students are required to submit the following information on the official Mortuary Science form in their first year of program:

  • A physical examination
  • Proof of tetanus/diphtheria vaccination within the last 10 years (Tdap/Td)
  • Any history of polio vaccinations is acceptable
  • Tuberculosis testing:
    • Two-Step PPD skin test OR Quantiferon (or TB Gold) blood test
      • PPD’s need to be a week apart from each other
      • TB blood testing requires lab reports to be submitted
  • Documented Hepatitis B vaccine series (3) or a positive immune Hepatitis B blood titer
    If you do not have Hepatitis B vaccinations or an immune blood titer, you need to begin the Hepatitis B series prior to second year

The ORIGINAL NCC PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM is to be submitted to the NCC Student Health Office in the first year of the Mortuary Science Program. Be sure to make copies of your physical before submitting.

Mortuary Science Physical Form


Second year Mortuary Science Students with completed first year forms must have one of the following, prior to the fall Semester for the Embalming and Pathology Lab:

  • At least 2 Hepatitis B vaccines
  • a completed Hepatitis B vaccine series (3)

  • an immune Hepatitis B titer

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