Immunization Requirement & Records

NCC College Policy now states that the immunization requirements be met prior to registration at the college.

New York State law requires that students born on or after January 1, 1957, who are enrolled for six or more chargeable credits, be immunized against measles, mumps and rubella. The law further mandates that students who fail to submit proof of immunization prior to the 30th day of a regular semester will be disenrolled from all classes.

Disenrolled students are not permitted to be physically present in class and will receive "W" grades for all enrolled classes. Disenrolled students are also not entitled to any refund of tuition or fees and will not be permitted to register for future semesters until the immunization requirements are met.

To submit proof, click the link below to access the MMR/Meningitis Form and have your physician complete and stamp the first page. Email the completed form to

Immunization MMR/Meningitis Form

In the event of an outbreak of measles, mumps or rubella, the New York State Department of Health will exercise emergency procedures that require the College to ban the attendance of any student regardless of credit load who has not submitted proof of immunization to the College's Student Health Office. For this reason, the College encourages all students in attendance born on or after January 1, 1957, to submit proof of immunization. In the event of an outbreak, students will not be permitted to use attendance restrictions imposed by the New York State Department of Health as a reason for a refund in excess of normal refund entitlements as outlined in the College's refund policy elsewhere in this publication. Submitting documentation of immunization is the responsibility of the student and will ensure uninterrupted attendance.

Meningitis Requirement

New York State Public Health Law (NYS PHL) §2167 was signed into law on July 22, 2003 and became effective on August 15, 2003. This law requires institutions, including colleges and universities, to:

  1. Distribute information about meningococcal meningitis (also called meningococcal disease) and information about vaccination to all students enrolled for at least six (6) semester hours or the equivalent per semester, or at least four semester hours per quarter.  NYS PHL §2167 affects ALL students meeting the enrollment criteria, whether they live on or off campus.
  2. Maintain a record of the following for each student: A response, signed by the student or from parent/guardian if student is under 18 years of age, that information about meningococcal disease and vaccine information was received. This must include information on the availability and cost of meningococcal meningitis vaccine and either 
  • A record of meningococcal meningitis immunization within 5 years OR
  • An acknowledgement of meningococcal disease risks and refusal of meningococcal meningitis immunization signed by the student or student's parent or guardian.

What you need to know about meningitis

Meningitis is rare. When it strikes, however, its flu-like symptoms make diagnosis difficult. If not treated early, meningitis can lead to swelling of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal column as well as severe and permanent disabilities, such as hearing loss, brain damage, seizures, limb amputation, and even death. Cases of meningitis among teens and young adults 15 to 24 years of age (the age of most college students) have more than doubled since 1991.

A vaccine is available that protects against four types of the bacteria that cause meningitis in the United States-types A, C, Y, and W-135. These types account for nearly two-thirds of meningitis cases among college students. Vaccines are available from your Primary Care Physician, or visit the CDC Travel Clinic website for a list of clinics that have the meningitis vaccine available. Also, check with your local health department for vaccine availability. The meningitis vaccine is NOT available at Nassau Community College Student Health Office. The meningitis vaccine is covered by most health insurance plans, according to the National Meningitis Association. If the vaccine is not covered by your insurance, the cost of the vaccine usually ranges from $100-$150.  

To learn more about meningitis and the vaccine and other immunizations for college students, please feel free to contact our Student Health Office and/or consult your physician. You can also find more information on the following websites:

New York State Department of Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

American College Health Association (ACHA)

Meningitis Questions and Answers from Immunization Action Coalition

Meningitis Fact Sheet

Check out the facts that you need to know.

Obtaining copies of immunization Records

If you attended Nassau Community College and need a copy of your immunization records, you may request an immunization transcript by completing the Immunization Record request form. There is a $5 fee for a copy of your Immunization transcript. The Student Health Office does NOT fax or e-mail immunization transcripts out.  A copy of your immunization can be mailed to your home address or you can pick up from the Student Health Office. We strongly suggest that you call Student Health Office at (516) 572-7123 to confirm that we have your immunization record on file prior to submitting payment to the Bursar.

Request made by mail:

Mail the completed Immunization Record request form with a check or money order for the $5 fee (made out to “Nassau Community College”) to the following address:

Nassau Community College
Bursar 1 Education Drive
Garden City, NY 11530

If we have your immunization on file, it will be mailed to you. Do not send cash.


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