Student Rights-FERPA


FERPA Defined
FERPA is a federal law which requires that the College, with few exceptions, obtain a student's written consent prior to disclosing to a third party any education records pertaining to that student. An "education record" is defined as any record directly relating to the student which is maintained by the College. Disclosing a student's education record to a third party without that student's consent is a violation of federal law. However, the College MAY disclose information designated as "directory information" without prior written consent of the student UNLESS the student has chosen to withhold all information and Opts-Out.

Directory information is generally considered information that is not harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. The type of information which the College has designated as "directory" is listed below. The College chooses not to disclose directory information to just anyone who asks, but rather a process has been developed to ensure that the privacy and safety of our students are protected.

Important Information - United States Department of Education - Student Privacy Policy Office - An Eligible Student Guide to the Family Educational Rights and Priacy Act (FERPA)

NCC Board of Trustees Policy 5100 "Confidentiality of Student Records" is available for review.

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