Dual Enrollment

NCC Dual Enrollment with Participating Nassau County High Schools

SUNY Nassau Community College provides high school students with the opportunity to get ahead on their college career and take a college-level course while still in high school. Courses are taught during normal school day hours by high school teachers who meet the minimum qualifications of the Nassau Community College Faculty. These courses are designed to give high school students the opportunity to experience a challenging, college-level course while still in high school.

Qualified students earn high school and college credit concurrently, at a discounted tuition rate. Credits can be applied to Nassau Community College or transferred to most two- and four-year colleges and universities.

High school students participating in the program are considered registered SUNY Nassau students and are required to meet the College’s student standards. While participating the Dual-Enrollment program students will have access to the excellent resources the College offers such as computer labs, library, student services center, book store, etc.

Once students have completed a dual enrollment course they can request an official transcript from the Registrar’s Office and have it sent to their intended college for a review of transfer credit.  Transcripts can be requested via the Registrar’s Office.

Student Eligibility Requirements

To participate in the Dual Enrollment Program each student must meet the following requirements:

  • Enrolled students must be juniors and seniors
  • Recommended by the school principal, teacher or school counselor.
  • Enrolled students must meet the course prerequisite requirements as stated in the College Catalog. ** Requests for enrollment exceptions can be made by the school counselor to the Assistant Vice President for Academic/Student Services and are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Admissions Application

Students interested in taking a dual enrollment course should consult with their school counselor for approval to be considered to take a College-level course(s) at their high school.  First-time Nassau Community College students will be directed to review application instructions and complete a fillable pdf high school enrichment admissions application


Tuition and Fees
Application Fee $55.00
Tuition $80.00 per credit; 
Maximum charge -$160 per course
Consolidated Fee $2 per-credit (lifetime transcripts)

Refund Policy

Change of plans?  If you choose not to participate in the dual enrollment class, you must drop your course before the start of the semester.  Liability begins on the first day of the semester. Please send email to David.Follick@ncc.edu to notify NCC that you want to drop your class.

Full Refund & Liability Schedule

Course Withdrawal

If a student wishes to withdraw from an NCC Concurrent enrolled course the student must follow the information below:

  • If, for any reason a student wishes to withdraw from a dual enrollment course, whether or not they continue to participate in the high school course, they must notify the Assistant Vice President for Academic/Student Services in writing via email to follick@ncc.edu.
  • During fall and spring terms, beginning the fourth week and up to the end of the ninth week of classes, the instructor’s approval is required for withdrawal. The approval indicates that the student has met with the instructor and discussed the withdrawal. The instructor may not refuse approval.
  • If the instructor is unavailable, the department chairperson may approve the withdrawal.
  • After the ninth week of classes, the approval is at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Approved requests will be awarded a grade of W (withdrawal) on the transcript. W grades are not calculated in the grade point average.

NOTE: Notifying the high school counseling office and neglecting to notify the College of a course withdrawal will not relieve the student of academic or tuition liability.

Grading System
Percentage Equivalent % Grade
90 - 100 A
85 - 89 B+
80 - 84 B
75 - 79 C+
70 - 74 C
65 - 69 D+
60 - 64 D
Below 60 F

NCC Contact Information

For more information on the Dual Enrollment Program at NCC please contact Dave Follick, Assistant Vice President for Academic Student Service at 516.572.7345 ext 24450 or David.follick@ncc.edu

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