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NCC Student & Faculty Profiles

Naheed Khan

Naheed Khan

Naheed Khan is the Grant Director of the Community Health Worker Program in the Workforce Development Department at SUNY [...]

Dione Spence-Wisdom

Dione Spence-Wisdom

I am indeed honored to receive the prestigious SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence. I want to first thank God [...]

Image of Farishta Ali

Farishta Ali

I feel humbly honored by receiving the student Chancellor’s Award. I would like to thank my wonderful parents and my a [...]

Image of Monique Bryan-Johnson

Monique Bryan-Johnson

As a returning student, I came to SUNY Nassau because it was an affordable option to return to college. I am thankful to [...]

Justine Rice

Justine Rice

I always knew I wanted to return to college to finish my degree, but figuring out how was always intimidating, especiall [...]

Image of Sue Ellyn Cortez

Sue Ellyn Cortez

Sue Ellyn Cortez and her four-year old daughter were both headed to the classroom last fall. For Cortez, who graduated f [...]

Image of Christian Bossio

Christian Bossio

Coming from Honduras, I was lucky enough to have family on Long Island and an excellent and affordable college in the ar [...]

Jillian Pallone Photo

Jillian Pallone

My decision to go to SUNY Nassau was not an easy one to make. I originally put down a deposit for another university. Th [...]

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