Academic Dismissal Appeal Application

The application you are about to fill out will be read by a faculty committee that will vote on your reinstatement. While it is impossible to give firm rules governing appeals, the following will give you some idea how the committee will evaluate your application.

  1. The committee can only consider information in the application.
  2. The longer you have been away from Nassau Community College, the more likely it is that you will be reinstated.
  3. If you can show academic success in your last semester at Nassau Community College or at another school since your dismissal, you are more likely to be reinstated.
  4. The more specific you are in explaining the reasons for your academic failure and the changes you have made to ensure future success, the more likely it is that you will be reinstated.
  5. The more documentation you attach, the more likely it is that you will be reinstated. Examples of documentation are death certificates, letters from physicians or therapists, letters of recommendation from counselors, educators or employers and transcripts.
  6. If you have not been away from Nassau Community College for at least one full academic semester, the committee will only consider your appeal if you attach a separate statement explaining why you did not correct the problem that led to your dismissal during the two or three semesters preceding it.

    It is recommended, but not required, that your statement be signed by an Educational Counselor, indicating that you have discussed your situation with him or her. It may not be possible to schedule a last-minute appointment with an Educational Counselor.
 If you have any questions regarding this application, contact an Educational Counselor 
 Nassau Hall, Rm 19