Naheed Khan

Naheed Khan

04/22/2022 | AuthorNCC 

Naheed Khan is the Grant Director of the Community Health Worker Program in the Workforce Development Department at SUNY Nassau Community College. As such, she works on all aspects of the program, from recruitment, development and teaching, to applying for and managing grants, creating projections and promoting the program. A former SUNY Nassau student herself, Naheed is excited to share with others the many opportunities available at SUNY Nassau through Workforce Development.

"My background is Pakistani. I came to the US as a teenager, went to high school but was not allowed to go to college. I married at the age of 20. I always wanted to study further, and my husband let me join SUNY Nassau Community College. Unfortunately, I couldn't complete my associate's degree due to complications in my pregnancy.

I now have two biological boys and two adopted girls. I raised my children, and when they were in middle school, I went back to school and completed my master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I am currently finishing my Psy.D in Human and I/O Psychology with a leadership concentration. I am passionate about creating opportunities for our community members, students and organizations.

I hope that I am motivation for the many girls and women who believe once they get married and have kids, it's all over for them. I believe if you want something, do not give up and believe in your God." 


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