The Women's Resource Center has a collection of books by feminist scholars. Additionally, there are books about outstanding women artists and works of poetry and fiction. Our nonfiction collection focuses on relationships, body image, health and fitness, racism and social class, sexual harassment and assault and other issues of concern to women and men.

Health periodicals:

Harvard Women's Health Watch | Harvard Medical School Letter | Berkley Wellness Letter.


Such as MS., Essence, Latina, Co-op America Quarterly, and The Green Guide are available for browsing.

Video collection:

Student and faculty use on topics such as body image, human trafficking, women in media and culture, and domestic violence.

Research material:

Student use on gender equity, reproductive choice, human rights, breast cancer and mammography, hormone replacement therapy, sexual harassment and assault, childcare and other important topics.

There is a community resource file with information on health, legal, career, counseling services and women's networks.

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