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Take a Self Test

The answer to the question, "Do I need counseling?" is "It all depends".

For starters, ask yourself, "How emotionally uncomfortable am I?" If your answer is, "Only a little uncomfortable", then you may not need much more than a few consultation sessions to clarify some goals, or maybe do some problem solving with a professional. On the other hand, if your emotional discomfort involves a recent shift in sleep patterns or appetite, or you’ve experienced a recent change in your ability to focus on work, or if your personal relationships are strained, perhaps some brief form of therapy may be helpful.

Determine whether a visit to the counseling office might be helpful.

Answer True or False to the following statements:

  1. At times I feel stressed and anxious and don’t know what to do about it.
  2. Sometimes I feel down and I can’t seem to shake the feeling.
  3. I often feel as if my goals and the course of action to achieve them are not clear.
  4. Sometimes I have problems with a peer that I can’t handle.
  5. I find that I use alcohol or drugs in place of problem-solving.
  6. I often don’t know how to handle problems with my boyfriend or girlfriend.
  7. Sometimes I have problems controlling my anger.
  8. I frequently have difficulty balancing school and family responsibilities.
  9. I have trouble dealing effectively with persons in authority.
  10. If you answered "true" to any of these statements, it may be an indication that it’s time to speak to someone in the counseling office. With the help of a trained professional, you can explore ways to cope more effectively and prevent small problems from becoming larger ones.

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