Branding Guidelines

A brand isn’t just a logo or a tagline. Branding refers to everything from logos, the website and other visual representations of the College, to print publications including flyers, brochures and advertising, to every interaction Nassau Community College (NCC) has with students, parents, visitors or the public at large. Each individual in the NCC community is a brand ambassador for the College.

Download the NCC Brand Guidelines

We brand at the College to create and maintain a consistent, professional image to both our internal and external communities.

This guide provides the basic elements of a visual and verbal language to express ourselves in a way that strengthens and consolidates the Nassau Community College brand.

  • The most important ways by which the College can brand itself are:
  • Consistency
  • Frequency
  • Repetition over time
  • Show school pride

A clear, consistent, strong brand makes end-users:

  • Recognize our high quality and value
  • Seek us out as a great place to study and work, and
  • Consider investing in our future

Consistent branding also enables the various departments and programs in the College community to take advantage of the reputation of NCC as a whole.

Messages that deviate from our stated branding are confusing, causing brand damage. The goal is to create a unified, widely recognized, positive image of Nassau Community College.

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