Ethel Bauer Katz, Author of "Our Tomorrows Never Came"


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The Nassau Community College Jewish Studies Project Presents:  Ethel Bauer Katz,Author of Our Tomorrows Never Came

September 21

Garden City, NY — Nassau Community College is proud to present Ethel Bauer Katz, Holocaust survivor and author of the book Our Tomorrows Never Came, a document of her unusual experiences during that time. Her story is one of courage and survival. Katz will speak at the College on Wednesday, September 21 at 2:00 p.m. in the College Center Building, Room 252.

Though she never set foot inside a concentration camp, Ethel Katz’s experiences speak to the horrors experienced by thousands of Jews who hid during the Holocaust. In 1941, in the Polish town of Buczacz, the author’s twin brother was killed by the Nazis and their collaborators. Her family went into hiding in the countryside. When found by Nazis, they too were slated for death – but Ethel, knocked unconscious, awoke to see the rest of her family massacred and the Nazis leaving. She found her way to the family’s house in town, now occupied by Nazi soldiers. For a month, Ethel hid there in a secret attic compartment, making no noise, with almost no food or water. After the Nazis retreated, she wound up in a displaced person’s camp near Stuttgart, Germany. There, she became engaged to another survivor from her town. With the aid of American relatives, Ethel and her fiancé ultimately moved to New York, married, and had three children. In 2000, Katz wrote Our Tomorrows Never Came (Fordham University Press), about her experiences during and after the war. Now 89, Katz lives in New York and devotes her time to Holocaust education.

Katz’s presentation at NCC, which is sponsored by the Jewish Studies Project, is free and open to the public. For more information, call 516.572.7796.

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