NCC Proposes Lower Budget For 2011


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Garden City, NY - In a time of fiscal crisis at State and County levels, the Nassau Community College Board of Trustees has approved a no tax increase budget for Fiscal Year 2011. On May 12, the Board approved a level of spending of $202,947,227 which is $1.2 million less than the adopted budget for the current year, making this the first time in the College's history that a budget calls for less spending than had been approved in the previous year's budget.The College was able to reach these budget targets through cutting projected spending by $6.7 million, which will reduce salary expenses by 1.4% and cutting equipment and general expenses by $1 million. In addition, the budget utilizes $2.2 million in fund balance, and increases tuition by $55 per semester. As a result, tuition would increase from $3,622 to $3,732. Enrollment is also projected to increase by 2% in the 2010-11 academic years.The tough steps included in this budget reflected the budgetary pressures being experienced by both the State and County which have resulted in a reduction in the level of their aid from what have been the patterns in the past. Governor Paterson has proposed cutting assistance to community colleges, which would translate into a cut to NCC of approximately $5.4 million. The College budget also assumes that for the second consecutive year, the County will not increase by 3.9%, or almost $2 million, the tax allocated to the College. Such an increase would have translated into a $4 increase per household per year.It was critically important that all units of the College, faculty, administration and staff, came together to identify cost cutting and revenue producing measures that will responsibly address the new realities of budgetary preparation. Dr. Donald Astrab, NCC President, recognized the additional efforts required of faculty through the modest class size increase and expressed his appreciation. “The 2010-11 budget requires cooperation of the entire College community and I'm certain that everybody will pull together to make the best of a difficult situation,” said Dr. Astrab. A task force including representation from the administration, all collective bargaining units, the Academic Senate and students participated in the process to develop next year's budget. Mary Adams, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, commented on the budget saying, “The education of our students is of prime concern, but funding realities, operational requirements and stress on future year budgets all entered into the formulation of this operational spending plan.

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