The Nassau Community College Spring 2010 Cultural Program Presents Global Warming: What Do We Know? What Don’t We Know? NASA’s Dr. Anthony Del Genio


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The Nassau Community College Spring 2010 Cultural Program PresentsGlobal Warming:  What Do We Know?  What Don’t We Know? NASA’s Dr. Anthony Del Genio April 14

Garden City, NY - The Spring 2010 Cultural Program at Nassau Community College is proud to present Global Warming: What Do We Know? What Don't We Know? on Wednesday, April 14 at 2:00 p.m. in the College Center Building. During his presentation, Dr. Anthony Del Genio of the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Goddard Institute for Space Studies will discuss the global climate model's predictions of future climate changes, as well as how other planets' meteorology differs from that of earth.

As humankind adds such things as carbon dioxide and aerosol particles to the atmosphere, says Dr. Del Genio, we can expect our climate to change over the course of the 21st century. However, it's not easy to predict how fast this change will occur and how it will affect different parts of the world. Dr. Del Genio uses satellite and surface-based observations of the current climate to understand the processes that regulate changes in water vapor and clouds. Some of these changes are relevant to how the same processes will change as we add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and thus give scientists clues as to how climate change may take place.

Dr. Del Genio, who is based in New York City, received a B.S. in engineering physics from Cornell University and an M.S. and Ph.D. in planetary and space physics from the University of California at Los Angeles. He was the principal investigator for the Global Aerosol Climatology Project, a team member of the Cassini Saturn Orbiter Imaging Science Subsystem, and the principal investigator for the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program. Dr. Del Genio also is the coordinator of Columbia University's Graduate Program in Atmospheric and Planetary Science. He has received several NASA awards for excellence and outstanding teacher awards from Columbia University.

For more information about Global Warming: What Do We Know? What Don't We Know?, which is free, open to the public and accessible to the disabled, call 516.572.7153.

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