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Immediate: October 12, 2009 Contact: Alicia Steger: 516.572.9634 E-mail: alicia.steger@ncc.edu

The Fall 2009 Nassau Community College Cultural Program Presents Talking About Race in the Obama Era The Project on Race in Political Communications

November 9  

Garden City, NY  The Fall 2009 Cultural Program at Nassau Community College is proud to host Talking About Race in the Obama Era presented by The Project on Race in Political Communications  on Monday, November 9 at 12:30 p.m. in the College Center Building. During its presentation, The Project on Race in Political Communications' multimedia presentation will focus on how to recognize and understand that latent fears and resentments can be manifested and perpetuated by languages and images.

The Project on Race in Political Communications is designed for students, scholars, educators, political professionals, members of the media and others who are interested in learning more about that which resides at the intersection of race, politics and language. Its mission is to contribute to the state of knowledge in the field of political communication and share that information with the public in an accessible way. This is accomplished by engaging in social science research that centers on the existence and effects of racial messages in political discourse; making available historical and contemporary research and data related to race, politics and language; and providing tangible examples of the myriad ways that racial messages continue to be invoked in government, news media and popular culture. The co-directors of the Project on Race in Political Communications  Charlton D. McIlwain and Stephen Maynard Caliendo both hold doctorates in political science and have authored many books and articles on topics including political communication, political psychology and the use of racial appeals therein.

For more information about Talking About Race in the Obama Era, which is free and open to the public, call 516.572.7153.

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