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Emmett Wigglesworth

Emmett Wigglesworth; muralist, painter and poet has been awarded the Summer Artist Residency at the Firehouse Plaza Art Gallery at Nassau Community College.

Emmett Wigglesworth 1Wigglesworth who has had a heavy influence on New York City’s cultural landscape for the past 50 years will be working on a 3D mural, which will include the use of interactive figures. The artist creates pen and ink drawings, paintings and sculptures drawn from his own life experiences and cultural heritage. His use of vibrant, saturated color and elaborate detail identify with the issues of race and identity. Recurring themes that embody symbols of African culture connect figures of people and represent the oneness of humanity.

In a recent interview Wigglesworth was quoted; “initially, the scribbles took no form, but in time, I began to understand their direction and spiritual meaning.” He continued to explain, “now my scribbles represent the need for cultural understanding, for humankind to demonstrate their true capabilities-for love and acceptance.”

Emmett Wigglesworth at work and with students.

Emmett Wigglesworth with a class Emmett Wigglesworth working

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