Nassau Community College and the Firehouse Plaza Art Gallery present COMPLEJO

Tony Peralta art 3

Join us as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the kick off exhibit to the 2012 College-wide theme, JOURNEYS.Tony Peralta art 1For artist-designer Manuel Antonio Peralta, growing up as a dark-skinned Dominican in upper Manhattan’s Washington Heights/Inwood neighborhood, the child of Dominican immigrants, was an eye-opening experience. Sometimes funny, often painful, Peralta saw first-hand- via his family, friends, and society as a whole- how people process images connected with one’s physical appearance to make judgments on another person’s worth or on standards of beauty and attractiveness. It was these memories that fueled Peralta’s artistic process during the creation of COMPLEJO (COMPLEX), a thought-provoking exhibit of mixed-media silkscreens exploring complexes people have regarding hair texture, skin color, etc.  Peralta  hopes the series will prompt discussions about “the big elephant in the room” in Dominican and other cultures: race.

Tony Peralta art 2Artist’s ReceptionThursday, September 13 from 5:00-7:00 PM Firehouse Plaza Art Gallery*The Firehouse Plaza Art Gallery is located on Plaza Level of CCB, Room 140

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