SUNY COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Effective May 30, 2023 Nassau Community College (NCC) no longer requires COVID-19 Vaccination for students. If you are fully vaccinated, however, NCC strongly encourages that students submit proof of their COVID-19 vaccination by using the SUNY Vaccination Verification Application. This is most easily done through the link in the NCC Mobile App under “Summer Sessions 2023 Checklist ” tab. Detailed instructions may be found below.

It is also highly encouraged for all employees to be fully vaccinated.

Submit Proof of Vaccination

Student vaccine verification should be submitted to the SUNY Vaccination Verification Application. This application can also be accessed through the NCC mobile app.

Steps for COVID-19 Vaccine Verification:

Example of SUNY Verification Screen

SUNY Vaccination Verification Screen

  1. Go to the SUNY Verification Application.
  2. Choose your campus: Select Nassau from the drop down menu. Click “Log In”.
  3. SUNY Nassau Login page: Type your N Number and Password. Click “Sign In”.
  4. Vaccination Information entry screen: Enter your information exactly as it is written on your vaccination card and click “Verify”.
  5. Verification:
    • Successful Verification: Upon successful verification, you will see a “Verified” screen like the one on the right.
    • Unsuccessful Verification: Make sure your information is correct and try again. If still unsuccessful, follow instructions to upload a picture of your card. Once uploaded, a “Manual Review Pending” message will appear at the top of the screen. IMPORTANT: If you are pending Manual Review, please email the Student Health Office at so we may process your request as quickly as possible.

A detailed step by step instruction manual on how to verify your vaccine status can be viewed in this instructional guide.

A SUNY  Vaccination Verification Application FAQ document is also available.

Vaccination Locations

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