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Students are asked not to return to campus until further notice. All courses that can be instructed remotely have been transitioned to this form of instruction. All campus operations, except essential services, are remote. NCC-sponsored and on-campus gatherings with plans of more than 50 individuals have been canceled or will be rescheduled.

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Student E-Mail - How To Send an E-mail

Student E-Mail - How To Send an E-mail


1. In your Internet Browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.) Login to the MyNCC Portal.

Portal Login Image

2. On the top left navigation menu you'll see an area called "Launch Pad".  Click the Mail Icon to access MyNCC Student E-Mail.

LaunchPad Icons


3. In the upper left corner click on the “Compose” link.


 Student Email Compose



4. A blank email form will display on the page.

Student Email Compose Image

5. Enter the recipient in the “To:” field. Enter the subject of the email in the “Subject:” field. Enter the e-mail message in the box below the Subject field. When you want to send the message, press the “Send” button at the bottom of the page.

Student Email Admin Compose Message

6. If the e-mail has been successfully sent, you will see the following message “Your message has been sent.”.

 Student Email Compose Success

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