Professiona Staff

All Counselors have diverse educational and professional backgrounds.They provide services for all students with disabilities.

Molly Ludmar

M.S |
Student Personnel Services, Chair

Orval Jewett

D.S.W. | L.C.S.W. | M.S.W. | M.P.K. | M.A.
Disability Services Coordinator

Counselors for Students with Disabilities

Gina Esposito-Sales

M.A |

Sharon Grossman

M.S. | C.S.C.
Specialist for Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Helene Guttenberg-Menco

M.A. |

Seeta Ramprasad

M.S.W |


Ieshah Whitehead



 Part Time Counselor

Marie Del Papa

B.A. | M.S. | S.A.S.

Donna Sparberg

M.S. | M.A.


John Jeavons

A+ Certification
Access Technology Specialist

Dawn Smith

B.A. |
Exam Coordinator/TA


Exam Proctor/Part-Time TA

Christopher Genovese

B.A. |

Jeanine Gendron

B.A. |



Deborah Austin


Nassau Community College is an equal employment/affirmative action institution and shall not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, sexual preference, national origin or disability.