Listing of Books

Category Title
Career Specific Books  
Accounting Great Jobs for Accounting Majors
Activism Careers in Focus:Activism
Administrative Clerks and Administrstive Workers
Advertising/Public Relations Careers in Focus:Advertising & Marketing
  Careers in Focus:Public Relations
Aerospace/Aviation Career Opportunities in the Aviation and the Aerospace Industry (2)
Allied Health  
Animal & Pet Care Animal Care - Careers in Focus, 4th edition
  Opportunities in Animal and Pet Care Careers
Architecture Architecture and Building
  Careers in Focus:Art
  Arts and Entertainment
  Opportunities in Cartooning & Animation Careers (2)
  Careers in Focus:Animation
Banking/Finance/Insurance and Related Careers in Finance
  Career Opportunities in Banking, Finance and Insurance
  Careers in Focus:Financial Services (2)
Biology and Related Opportunities in Biotechnology Careers
Broadcasting/Cable Television Opportunities in Broadcasting Careers
  Careers in Focus: Broadcasting
  100 Careers in Film and TV
  Opportunities in Television and Video Careers
  Careers in Focus:Film
Business and Related Careers in Business
  Careers in Focus:Business Managers
  Careers in Focus:Business
Carpentry Opportunities in Building Construction Careers
Chemistry Great Jobs for Chemistry Majors
Child Care Opportunities in Child Care Careers
  Careers in Child Care
Chiropractic Health Opportunities in Chiropractic Careers
Computers/Technology Related Career Opportunities in Computers & Cyberspace, 2nd Edition (2 copies)
  Careers in Focus: Computer & Video Game Design
Counseling and Related  
Culinary Culinary Careers: How to get your dream job in food with advice from Top Culinary Professionals
Data/Word Processing Opportunities in Data and Word Processing Careers
Economics Related Great Jobs for Economics Majors
Education Related/Non-Profit Great Jobs for Physical Education Majors
  Opportunities inTeaching Careers (2 copies)
  Opportunities in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  Alternative Careers for Teachers
Energy Career Opportunities in the Energy Industry
  Careers in Focus: Energy
Engineering Great jobs for Engineering Majors
English Great Jobs forEnglish Majors
  What to do With Your English or Communications Degree
Entrepreneurs Careers in Focus: Entrepreneurs
Environmental Great Jobs for Environmental Studies Majors
  Green Jobs
  TheECO Guide to Careers that Make a Difference - Environmental Work for a Sustainable World
Event Planning Opportunities in Event Planning Careers
Fashion Careers in Focus:Fashion
  Career Opportunities in the Fashion Industry
  In Fashion
  The Fashion Careers Guidebook
Food Services Opportunities in Food Service Careers
  Career Opportunities in The Food and Beverage Industry
Foreign Language Opportunities in Foreign Language Careers
Foreign Service Inside a U.S. Embassy - How The Foreign Service Works For America
Forensic Science Careers in Focus:Forensics
  Opportunities in Forensic Science Careers
Forestry Opportunities in Forestry Careers
Government Related An Insider's Guide to Political Jobs in Washington
  Careers in Focus -Government
  Career Opportunities in Politics, Government and Activism
  Guide to America's Federal Jobs
  Ten Steps to a Federal Job
Graphic Design Opportunities in Commercial Art and Graphic Design Careers
Health-Care/Medical and Related Field Guides to Finding a New Career: Health Care
  Opportunities in Health & Medical Careers
  Opportunities inMedical Imaging Careers (2)
  Geriatric Care
History Great Jobs for History Majors
Home Economics Opportunities in Home Economics Careers
Hospital Administration Opportunities in Hospital Administration Careers
Hotel/Motel/Restaurant Management Opportunities in Hotel and Motel Management
  Hotel/Restaurant Management Career Starter
Human Resources Related Opportunities in Human Resource Management Careers
Human Services Field Guides to Finding a New Career:Human Services (2)
Information Systems/Internet and Related  
  Career Opportunities in the Internet, Video Games and Multimedia
Interior Design/Decorating Opportunities in Interior Design and Decorating Careers
International Business  
Journalism and Related Opportunities in Journalism Careers
  Careers in Focus:Journalism
Law/Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice and Related From College to Career: A Guide forCriminal Justice Majors
  Paralegal Career Starter - 2nd Edition
  Opportunities in Paralegal Careers
  The Professional Paralegal
  Careers in Focus:Law
  Careers in Focus:Public Safety
  Careers in Criminology
  Public Safety and Law Enforcement
Library/Information Science Opportunities in Library and Information Science Careers
Liberal Arts Top Careers for Liberal Arts Graduates
  Great Jobs for Liberal Arts Majors
Marine Science/Maritime Opportunities in Marine Science and Maritime Careers
Marketing Opportunities in Marketing Careers
Math Careers in Focus Mathematics & Physics
Mental Health  
Music 100 Careers in the Music Business
  Great Jobs for Music Majors
  Creative Careers in Music
Not for Profit Field Guides to Finding a New Career:Nonprofits and Governement
  Non-Profit & Education Job Finder
Nursing Your Career in Nursing
  Careers in Focus: Nursing, Fourth Edition
Nutrition Opportunities in Nutrition Careers
Peace Corps The Insider's Guide to thePeace Corps What to Know Before You Go
Performing Arts/Entertainment Opportunities in Acting Careers
Pharmacy Opportunities in Pharmacy Careers
Photography Opportunities in Photography Careers
Political Science Careers in Political Science
  Great Jobs for Political Science Majors
Property Management Opportunities in Property Management Careers
Psychology Opportunities in Psychology Careers
  The Psychology Major: Career Options & Strategies for Success
Publishing Careers in Focus:Publishing
Real Estate  
Recreation, Leisure Opportunities in Recreation and Liesure Careers
Retail/Sales Careers in Focus:Retail
  Careers in Focus: Sales
  Sales Careers: The Ultimate Guide to Getting a High Paying Job
Science Field Guides to Finding a New Career:Science
Social Work Careers in Focus:Social Work (2)
  Careers inSocial & Rehabilitation Services
Sociology Careers in Sociology
  Great Jobs for Sociology Majors
  Careers in Focus:Sociology
Sports/Athletics Careers in Focus:Sports
  Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry
  Careers in Sport, Fitness and Exercise
Technical Comm. Careers in Focus:Telecommunications (2)
  Opportunities inTechnical Writing Careers
Theatre Great Jobs for Theater Majors
Transportation Careers in Focus:Transportation
Travel/Tourism/Hospitality Careers in Focus Travel and Hospitality
  Careers in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
Visual Arts Opportunities in Visual Arts Careers
World Affairs  
Writing Careers in Focus:Writing
Folders and Reference Books General Topic Book Titles
Majors & Careers Guide to College Majors
  College Majors Handbook With Real Career Paths and Payoffs
  College Majors and Careers
  Directory of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology
  How To Choose a College Major
  Panicked Student's Guide to Choosing a College Major

Life After Graduation

Job Search Internships 2005
  Federal Resume Guide Book
  Kick Off Your Career
  Writing a Great Resume
  Resume And Interviewing Preparation: Your Winning Edge
  The Job Searcher's Handbook, 4th edition
  Fast Track Networking
  Job Search Marketing-Finding Job Opportunities In Any Economy
  Job Seeker's Online Goldmine
  Make Your Contacts Count - Networking Know-How for Business and Career Success
  Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1000 a Minute
  Networking for Everyone
  Image of Success
  Courting Your Career: Match yourself with the pefect Career
  Richard Rabbit
  What Color Is Your Parachute?
  Work Abroad
Specialized Finding the Open Road - a guide to self-construction rather than mass production
  Work This Way
  Work on Purpose
  Best Jobs for Ex-Offenders
  Careers for Non-conformists
  Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People
  Careers for Born Leaders & Other Decisive Types
  Careers for Good Samaritans and other Humanitarian Types
  Careers for Talkative Types & Others With The Gift of Gab
  40 Best Fields for Your Career
  50 Best Jobs for Your Personality
  150 Best Jobs for Your Skills
  Career Change
  Career Satisfaction and Success
  Changing The Rules - Adventures of a Wall Street Maverick (2)
  How To Do What You Love For A Living
  Keys to Private Practice Success
  Military-to-Civilian Career Transistion Guide
  Pathways to Career Success for Women
  Second Careers
Reference The Top 100- The Fastest Growing Careers For The 21st Century
  100 Fastest Growing Careers
  300 Best Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree
  Best Careers and Education Web Sites-A Quick Guide to Online Job Search
  Dictionary of Holland Occupational Codes (HOC)
  EZ Occupational Handbook
  Finding a Job on the Web
  Free and Inexpensive Career Material
  New Guide for Occupational Exploration - Fourth Edition (2)
  Occupational Outlook Handbook- 2013-2014
  Guide for Occupational Exploration - Third Edition
  O*NET - Third Edition-Dictionary of Occupational Titles
Myers-Briggs A Guide to the Development and Use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  Please Understand Me
  What Type Am I? Discover Who You Really Are (MBTI related)
Videos Video Listings
Communications Launching Your Communications Career…Now
Fashion "Go forApparel"
Law Related Criminal Justice for Women (2)
  The Lawyer's Assistant Program - Adelphi University
Police Nassau Police
  Career Exploration - A Job Seeker's Guide To Major Sources of Career Information
  Career Strategies
  Career Strategies Open Captioned
  Exploring Career Options with the Strong Interest Inventory
  Good Thinking, Co.
  Interview to Win your First Job
  Introduction to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  Long Island: Your Future is Here (3)
  Make a Good First Impression
  Networking from Scratch - A College Student's Guide to Building Contacts
  Roadtrip Nation 2005
  Sharing Culture Shattering Stereotypes
  The Very Quick Job Search Video
  Top Careers of the 21st Century
  Top Careers of the 21st Century - Opened Captioned
  Volunteers for Peace Duration
  You Can Get There From Here
  "You're Fired!" - The Ten Quickest Ways to Lose Your Job and How to Avoid Them