Office of Sponsored Programs and Research

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPR) serves as the central institutional and administrative resource for all proposals, contracts and any other application for external funding submitted by Nassau Community College. The office contributes to the mission of the College by assisting with the development of grants, contracts, public and private partnerships, intellectual property and technology development and transfer and other entrepreneurial activities. The revenues obtained from these external funds enrich Nassau Community College and enable the College to establish new initiatives, conduct faculty research and provide instructional and other needed services, programs and resources. In this capacity, it provides leadership, information, guidance and stewardship, direction and technical assistance services to faculty, administration and staff in obtaining external funds. The OSPR assists with information about grant opportunities and deadlines, provides technical assistance with proposal preparation, and secures approvals in the proposal submission process.

The OSPR has institutional responsibility for protecting the interests of NCC, in relationship to seeking, and the management of, externally funded opportunities. Although the role of the Principal Investigator, Project Director or Project Coordinator is paramount in the performance of sponsored activity, the college is the recipient of all awards and is therefore the responsible entity to any related agreements. In accepting external funding, the College assumes legal responsibility for observing the terms and conditions of funding. The OSPR has responsibility to review all proposals, applications and letters of inquiry and/or interest to external funding sources and provides institutional approval for submission to external funders. In its role as the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR), the OSPR also provides technical assistance with proposal submissions to, the NSF and other electronic submission points.

As the institutional liaison between funders and the College, the OSPR strives to maintain a balance among these groups, assisting to produce quality proposals with thorough and consistent reviews, guidance and support. Grant implementation is the responsibility of the researcher or principal investigator. Post-award fiscal arrangements and reporting are handled by the College Business Office and/or the Nassau Community College Foundation.

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