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Immediate:  May 7, 2021

Nassau Community College Professor Dr. Ann Feuerbach Publishes
 Groundbreaking Paper About 10th Century World Map
That Rewrites History

Garden City, NY — Nassau Community College Professor Dr. Ann Feuerbach has published a groundbreaking paper about a10th century map that rewrites history by showing that the Anglo-Saxons knew of other cultures including China and South Africa. 

“Hiding in plain sight, in the British Library, is the earliest known map of the Old World from England.    My paper* discusses how the accuracy of this remarkable document has gone unnoticed,” said Dr. Feuerbach.  “This Mappa Mundi (world map) depicts economic resources, religious buildings, cultural and accurate navigational information.  It also is the earliest depiction of Australia on a European map by 600 years.”    According to Dr. Feuerbach’s research, the map leaves no doubt that information about distant places located on the map were known to members of the Anglo-Saxon court 1000 years ago.  

Dr Ann Feuerbach is an Anthropology Professor at Nassau Community College, part of the State University of New York.  She is an archaeological scientist whose work focuses on the scientific study of material culture and how cultural beliefs influence technological innovation.  She is best known for her research on the archaeology of Central Asian swords along the Silk Road.

Link to video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EBGOSRc6-I&t=2s

*Link to the full conference publication (Dr. Feuerbach’s chapter begins on page 58):


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