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Foreign Languages

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Location: Nassau Hall - 300

Course Level H.S. Foreign Language Background

Placement Advisory

To ensure that students are self-registered or placed in the appropriate level, the Department asks that you adhere to these guidelines enforced by the Department of Foreign Languages. Students who have taken a target language in high school NEED NOT begin with level 101 at NCC.

101 (any language)
Note: 101 courses are not intended for NATIVE/ HERITAGE/ BILINGUAL speakers (any target language)

Beginning student or 1-2 years of the target language in HS or has taken the language 3+ years prior to college

102 (any language)

2-3 years in High School

SPA 151-152
Not intended for NATIVE/ HERITAGE/ BILINGUAL speakers

Beginning Spanish for Medical Personnel
(recommended for students in the Nursing program)

(French, Italian, Spanish) 

 3-4 years in High School

SPA 205-206 (non-sequential)
Note: 205 and 206 can be taken instead of 201 and 202, but not in addition to 201 and 202

Native/ Heritage/ Bilingual speakers ONLY

(French, Italian, Spanish; non-sequential)

4+ years in HS, or successful completion of 201/202, or 205/206, or instructor’s permission

 271, 272, 273, 274
(Literature courses in Spanish; non-sequential)

 4+ years in HS, or successful completion of other 200-level course/s or instructor’s permission

ADVISEMENT GUIDELINES with self-assessment examples in French, Italian, & Spanish


Students considered by the instructor to be either under-prepared or too advanced will be expected to change to an appropriate level.

For students starting out or already enrolled in a language at NCC, the sequence is 101, 102, 201, 202. After 202 a student may choose from any of the following: 261-262 (Advanced level), 271, 272, 273, 274 (Literature in a target language).

The following specialized courses are also offered:

FRE 225 (French for Business)
ITA 225 (Italian for Business)
SPA 110 (Spanish for Hotel Personnel)
SPA 121 (Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel)
SPA 151-152 (Beginning Practical Spanish for Medical Personnel)
SPA 205-206 (Intermediate Spanish for Bilingual Speakers I-II) 
SPA 225 (Spanish for Business)
SPA 251-252 (Practical Spanish for Medical Personnel)

Students wishing to pursue study at the baccalaureate level in this subject should see departmental advisors. Contact the Department for further information.