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   Launching Your Communications (Career)
   Careers in Computers, Volume 1
Entrepreneur (Business)  
   Go for Apparel
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  Criminal Justice for Women
  The Lawyer's Assistant Program - Adelphi University
  Nassau Police
Surgical Technologist  
  Making a Difference: A Career in Surgical Technology
  Career Exploration - A Job Seeker's Guide To Major Sources of Career Information
  Career Strategies
  Career Strategies Open Captioned
  Careers that make a difference
  5 Winning Ways to Beat This Difficult Job Market
  Good Thinking, Co.
  Most Diverse Employers
  Make a Good First Impression
  Networking from Scratch - A College Student's Guide to Building Contacts
  Professionalism 101:  Skills to Succeed at Work
  The Interview Process: Strategies for Making a Right Impression
  The Very Quick Job Search Video
  Top Careers of the 21st Century
  Volunteers for Peace Duration
  You Can Get There From Here