New Student Advisement and Registration Guide

Your First Advisement and Registration Experience

Nassau Students

Once you’ve been officially accepted, check your email account for instructions about attending an Advisement Information Session.* 

Academic advisement is an important part of achieving success as a college student. During Advisement and Registration, you’ll learn more about your program of study, information essential to getting a good start at NCC, and how to register for classes. In a one-on-one meeting with an advisor, you’ll discuss which courses are the best options for your first semester so you can put your new registration know-how to use. 

Be prepared! Review the "New Student Advisement and Registration Guide", your degree program requirements and special opportunities for new students, all described below. 

You can register without meeting with an advisor. But, to ensure successful enrollment for your first semester, you should review the Advisement and Registration Guide for the New Student, your degree program requirements and special opportunities for new students described below.

 *Note to late applicants: The advisement process may change as the start of the semester approaches. Updated information will be communicated to you by email.

The New Student Advisement and Registration Guide

The Advisement and Registration Guide for the New Student is distributed to all new students at their first Advisement and Registration at NCC. You'll find it helpful to review the guide before meeting with an advisor.

What's inside the guide?

  • important information about the initial advisement and registration process 
  • details about what happens between registration and the start of the semester
  • helpful recommendations for becoming a successful student at NCC 

Your Degree Program Requirements 

If you are a liberal arts student, look at the Master Academic Plan or MAP. This essential guide to the liberal arts degrees will familiarize you with the requirements for your program.If you are majoring in something other than liberal arts, review the degree requirements for your Program of Study.  

Special Opportunities for New Students

NCC 101: The College Experience

If you want to learn useful skills needed to make the most of your college experience, enroll in NCC 101! This one-credit seminar class is an introduction to the world of higher education. While the class is recommended for any new student, it is required for students who have placed into two or more remedial courses. In programs that require general electives, this class can be counted as 1 credit toward the requirement. Visit NCC 101 for more information and ask your advisor about registering for the course.

First-Year Experience

At NCC, it's all about community: connecting with classmates, professors, clubs, sports, campus services, and other resources that will enrich your college experience. Nassau’s First-Year Experience (FYE) program is one of the best places to make those connections.  Visit The FYE webpage for more information.

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