Campuswide & Department Committees

A culture of assessment and evidence-based decision-making is fostered on the NCC campus through a framework that reflects the collegial, student-centered and faculty-guided nature of our assessment practices.

Each academic department appoints members of its faculty to a Departmental Assessment Committee which is responsible for overseeing department-based assessment of program and course learning outcomes, including data collection. These department-based committees are charged with (1) monitoring and revision (as needed) of the overall Departmental Assessment Plan (DAP), and (2) completion of the department’s Annual Assessment Overview.

In addition, each academic department appoints a representative to the campus-wide Academic Senate Assessment Committee, which is charged with overseeing and disseminating information about assessment planning, processes and results. The department representative to this campus-wide committee is often the Chair of the department's own assessment committee. The representatives to the Academic Senate Assessment Committee act as assessment leaders in their own departments and across the campus, ensuring that information and communications regarding assessment effectively inform the assessment planning and activities of each academic department.